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There are many history books on legends, but none more legendary then the Nostradamacon!

Never heard of the Nostradamacon you say?

Well, many years ago there was an incident that nearly brought about a cataclysmic event that could end all time, it all began with a man gifted with the ability to predict the future, his name was Nostradamus. As many believed his abilities to be a gift, he felt it to only be a burden as he saw far beyond his own time and long before it but could do nothing to prevent anything from happening. Many of his predictions are now controversially famous for being as accurate as they are without any explanation to how he made them. Nostradamus kept his all his major predictions in a book and kept it locked away in the hopes that they would never come true nor fall in the wrong hands, this book was called the Nostradamacon.


The Nostradamacon was rumored to hold dark secrets of the world and beyond, sealed with a holy spell designed to keep its contents safe, however after an unfortunate accident the book was dropped down a magical well that broke the holy spell, casting all of its contents into the world that was.

 Although the circumstances were grim, a group of unlikely heroes from many different time periods, summoned from the book itself, formed together to take on books darkest predictions to return the world to normal once more, these heroes would soon become know and the “Legends of Time”.

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Legends of Time is a multiplayer couch hack and slash where you cooperatively work with friends to take on a world of enemies. As the game progresses you will unlock more characters and weapons to add to your arsenal. When you get tired of playing co-op take to the arena and fight head to head in free for all or team based in a number of different game modes!


This game has been in and out of production for about a year as we started working on it at the beginning of 2015, due to lack of experience and ability to complete the original concept we decided to put the game on hold until we thought we could deliver what we wanted to do. Since then, it has had time to develop and grow it to a much more solid game that we are excited to bring to all the couch gamers out there!

We plan to release the game onto Steams Early Access so that we can have ‘you’ the player assist us in making our game great!
When the time comes, we will put the game unto Steam Greenlight for all to vote on, a development build/demo will also be available via Gamejolt and for everyone to play before they make their decision on voting!

We ultimately hope to bring the full build of Legends of Time to you via Steam in the future!

If you are feeling generous and want to support this product further, feel free do to so here!
Your support goes a long way to helping us make something amazing!

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Legends of Time

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