Hey Everyone,
Time to party coz we have some awesome as news!
PS; Sorry there hasn;t been News lately we have been so busy we kinda forgot to post here! 😛

So to kick things off, lets get into the super awesome things that have happened since we last posted


Thats right, Legends of Time successfully got Greenlit!! Yayy
We are currently working on having the game ready for Early Access and just working on it in general, more updates will come for that in the next couple days, so stay tuned!!

In celebration of being successfully Greenlit, we have released a new game!!
Welcome to the professional sport known as Beer Pong Extreme!!

Go head to head against your friends in the best mobile Beer Pong game ever made in the history of mankind! (to date)
Do you not have a Ping-Pong ball and 12 cups of different colours on you at all times?
Well now you do!!

With Beer Pong Extreme you can play with any number of people, any time, anywhere! Just grab your phone/tablet device and launch the game. 2 teams battle to win, choose your side and let the battle begin, 3D graphics and realistic physics will have you coming back to this intense recreation of one of the funnest drinking games ever created.

What is Beer Pong Extreme?
Beer Pong Extreme is based on a historically ancient sport that derived from the 1970’s back when cell phones could withstand the apocalypse and the 60’s were only just going out of fashion, it has since had many years to develop into the pop culture game that you would find at any great house party or family function.

This game allows you to play without the realistic “Splash” or “Spill” feature you might encounter in the real life edition, plus there is the added bonus of not having the “Clean up” function each time you stop playing.

What is the difference between Free and Paid?

In the Free Version you will have access to 2 game modes, Classic Pong and Basket Pong, both of which are great on their own, both of which you can play forever, however game ads will be embedded within.

In the Full Version you currently have access to 5 game modes, Classic Pong and Basket Pong just like in the free version, Golf Pong, Rope Toss and Dwarven Ring Tossing are the modes you will unlock as well as any other future modes!! The full version will also permanently remove ads!


Download it for an iOS device here!


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