Back in the office!

Hey all again!

Today we have officially started back in the office today, we moved all our PC’s and equipment back into the office last Friday, we also have a new area and we even have a door now!  We are really happy with the spot we have, even if it is small but it is pretty cozy!

So while we were awake from the office (as renovations were under way) we all worked at Josh’s house for 3 weeks and worked on  a game jam (as said in the last post). We also did a update with our 2nd Dev Blog (sorry we haven’t done many) explaining what had happened since from around Pax AUS 2015 to the current time of the video. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out below!

As we said in the video (I made it sound not very exciting, but it was) we painted our PC’s up to make them cool, different and unique.  Here is some progress shots, sadly we forgot to take a before and after picture, but it was just a basic black PC case. We used spray paint, and masking tape to get the different lines patterns on the case and to protect the inside of the PC components.

WP_20160115_010 WP_20160115_008 WP_20160115_023WP_20160115_022IMAG0270 IMAG0259IMAG0286 IMAG0289 IMAG0290












It was also Australia day a few days ago, so we made a special Shepdoog Straya Day video which can be watched below.

So we are working in the office again and currently working on Bombzey Island, here is some updated screenshots (that can also be found on the Bombzey Island page that is still currently being built). We are in the process of getting everything sorted out (paperwork, lots of it) so we can release this game hopefully soon onto iOS and Google Play store.

12513816_1673051292912827_3089030634854424396_o 12628628_1673051372912819_4883262436981844870_o 12491871_1673051366246153_2287181507516472191_o 12487176_1673051419579481_7154385936955221187_o









We recently uploaded the Pax build of Shepdoog on Gamejolt recently. It has not yet been fully decided yet but we may yet release mac builds for people who were interested in Shepdoog and Shepdoog Shootout. So keep an eye out, as we will update you all if or when this happens.


Thanks for reading, until next time!



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