Blast from the past!

Hey all, what beautifully unpredictable weather we are having here in Melbourne, Australia!!
Anywho, straight into the latest ‘goss’

Old news is good news!

So I was looking through our old stuff and came across this little gem, it’s really crazy to think that this is over a year old now, but its even crazier to see how much we have done now!

This old gold was the original prototype built I made to concept the idea behind the game. Unfortunately we were unable to make it into something more at the time due to lacking skills and having too large a team (Causes headaches and miss communication) however, times have changed and with only 3 people we have managed to turn something old into something new!

The Version above has since been totally scrapped, but like said before, we are making something new from it!! 😀


Although very rough and early in development, we have officially got combat working to a functional level (Killing mindless zombies).

We recently added in a shield bash that will only be usable by shielded characters. The shield allows players to both block against incoming attacks and bash enemies away, both drain stamina so you won’t be invulnerable, however, it is awesome to put the push back level to high settings and watch zombies go flying!

We have some potential big news coming up for all those interested, so stay tuned!

Osh, AstroBear Games



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