Hello and welcome to 2016!

Hey all, we hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy new year (or whatever else you may celebrate) we have already started working after a short 3 week holiday into the new year!
We are currently not working on Shepdoog just yet, but we decided to have a game jam to keep the creative juices flowing and to get a bit of break on Shepdoog and look at something new.
So we set ourselves a goal, see what we could make in a 48 hour game jam.
We came up with a idea where you have a selection of planes, and it was as simple as shooting and bomb enemies and whatever else was on these little islands as they attempted to shoot you down. It was heavily included by a old game “Wings of Fury“(link).We also went with a simple and easy low poly but popular art style too. In the full 48 hours we managed to get out 3 different playable levels, and 9 different aircraft’s that were equipped with machine guns, cluster bombs and missiles to choose from. After the 48 hours, we had gotten some good feedback and love from a Indie Dev group on Facebook and we still wanted to build more onto the game and adding more polish to the overall game. So far we have added a menu, more aircraft, sound and some UI. The working title for the game at the moment is “Bombzey Island”. Here are some screenshots showing from oldest to newest (left to right).


Video Screenshot 3 Video Screenshot 2

5 4

6 7

We are planning on having up to at least over 50 different types of aircraft (that’s not including just planes). We are also wanting to do a few more things that have not been added into the game yet, such things include:

-Have automatically generated levels
-Have unlockable aeroplanes via points system
-Have many more unique Levels, Planes and Abilities, ie: Nuke, EMP, Napalm, etc…
-Have unique enemy types and possible boss battles (Battle/Air ships, etc)
-Leaderboards and Game analytic’s.

We are aiming to release this for either for 99c on Apple and Android Tablets, or free with in game purchases and we are also planning on a PC version as well.
Remember to follow us for more updates about Bombzey Island on our Facebook (link) and or Twitter (link). Bombzey Island can be found on IndieDB (link) too, but there isn’t a playable build as of yet! Edit: We have also added it on GameJolt (link)

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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