Live streaming & other news!

Hey all, just a quick little update. We have recently started a Steam group on Steam where users can join our group and either play games with us (the devs) or simply watch us! Anyone can join and each week, we have the player of the week where a random user gets randomly selected and wins a game for free from us just by being a member! You can join our group here

ABG Steam group

We have also setup our YouTube to be able to Live stream as well as setting up a Twitch account, so whatever one you like more you can choose from YouTube or Twitch. Subscribe and follow us as we will be streaming us playing games and mostly us developing Shepdoog (and other games we start to develop) most days of the week.

We are currently working the tutorial level, here are some concepts of the lab where the tutorial will take place. We are also fixing up the game mechanics themselves as we go through designing the levels.

lab concept4 lab concept 9 Herding advanced 8 Stealthing 7 TailWhipping 6 Hazards 5 Herding 3 Standing Pickup 2 JumpingHallway 1 StartRoom




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