Screenshot Sunday & Some upcoming plans!


‪#‎ScreenshotSunday‬ because we are always forgetting to do actual ‪#‎ScreenshotSaturday 😛

Welcome to another beautiful Sunday, the birds are chirping and the weather isn’t half bad either (It’s the middle of winter here)

We have some news for all those interested! After a lot of discussing among the team, we have decided that we want to release Legends of Time onto steam ASAP and have it accessible via Steams ‘Early Access’, there is a couple reasons why we want to do this, and here they are.

  1. We get valuable information about the game during development on the fly. This means when you notice anything like a bug or graphical issues we will know a lot sooner and be able to fix it quickly via in game bug reports.
  2. Having us work on projects is a time consuming task, it often goes unseen because things are released as fully finished. Having early access means people will be able to actually see the development of the game as it happens. You will get to see sections of the world and features be built as time goes on, this to us will be very satisfying and motivating as, in all honesty, we really just want people to enjoy what we make, and its no fun if you can’t see what we do and we have no contact from you.
  3. An Income. Although it’s a little funny to think about, we do require food to continue making awesome stuff, having early access will not only allow everyone to play our game and tell us what else they would like to see in the world, but it will support us in basic living! 😛
  4. Fun! As said before, we really just want to see people play our games and have a blast doing so! The sooner people get to do this, the happier we will be!

So what do we have to do to begin early access?
Simply be Greenlit on steam… Once we have been Greenlit via steams Greenlight feature we will be able to launch our game into the world!

What we ask of you?
When the time comes, simply check out the Greenlight page when it is available and if you like it, give it a vote!

Pub compare

This was yesterdays work on Legends of time where we went from a concept drawing to greybox to in-game to fully modeled and textured all in one sitting, We are very pleased with the progress made 😀
If you’re interested in the looks of this project follow it right here on our website, or check out our Twitter and Facebook for random updates!

Many Thanks and stay frosty!

-Osh from Astrobear Games



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