Steam Greenlight & More!

Just keeping people posted on how the Greenlight is going and a general overview of the playable game as it stands!


As of this post, we are #62 on Steam Greenlight which is fantastic news to have.
This means we are ever closer to being able to release the game itself on Steam via Early Access, and you, will be able to play it as it updates and grows!

What’s already available?

We decided to get together and have a little play through of the game that has been released so far!
In the video we talk about things that already exist in the game that we would like to change and make better, and things that are not in the game that we would like to have added in!

It’s a short update, but we hope you have enjoyed it.
Let us know what you think of the project as it is at the moment, would you like to add or change anything that may or may not be in the game alreday?
We would love to hear from you, message us at:


Many thanks

Osh-AstroBear Games


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