Winter is coming (and with it a handful of games)

Welcome to the middle of the year, where the sun rises late and sets faster then you can get out of bed.

We have load of news to share with everyone as we simply forgot to update here on our own website, if you want much more up to date news, or daily news check out our Facebook or Twitter, however we will try to be a lot more active here from here on in!

Bombzey Island is now in BETA!!!


We are so excited to have finally been able to launch the BETA and we are also hoping that we get a lot of bug reports, because we really want Bombzey to be great!At the current moment in time we have a lot of ideas that we are still working to implement into Bombzey Island such as:

  • Stat recording
  • More Islands with different Tree types spawned on them
  • Enemy sky units!
  • New Levels

These are just a few of the things that we want to include in a future update (Along with any bug fixes)

Jumpy Legs Syndrome


We worked on a game to warm ourselves up and get back into a long break of not working and in our warm up, we created this masterpiece!!

This small and silly game has been well recieved by a couple youtubers and we have been so excited to see people play it, their reactions have been hysterical! Like Shepdoog: Shootout we decided to record the stats across all devices worldwide and share them here:

Although this game was just a warm up, we think we might make a couple of quick games like this while we work on larger titles like Bombzey Island, just to keep connected to the community. Plus we enjoy a good laugh!

Check it out on PC, Andriod or iOS:

Delay Llama


Speaking of a good laugh, we decided to spend 24 hours working on something “Special” just for PC users, infact, Gamejolt only.

Delay Llama is a patience testing game where you simply have to drive from point A to point B without killing any Llamas.. Think you can handle the stress behind the wheel?

Check it out here only on Gamejolt:

We also have another project that we have been secretly working on that will be announced very soon, so that’s exciting!

In other news, its a sad announcement, but our marketer known to you all as “Bacon” has decided to move on from Marketing and PR for AstroBear Games and pursue a new line of work. We may however run into him now, no hard feelings were left behind, now he gets to play our games for the first time and react on his Gaming Youtube Chanel, go check him out and give him some love!

Stay frosty, Over and out!

-Osh, AstroBear Games


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