The Soviet Russian space race program had you believing they only wanted to be the first to venture above and beyond, however behind the curtains the Russian government executed time travel experiments within the upper atmosphere of our earth.
Deemed a failure to the public by the media, missions that sent dogs up into space were not just to see if life could survive in the crafts sent, but actually to see if Time Space Vortex Portal Space Holes existed!

You are one of these very dogs, sent to an unknown time by the Soviet Russian Government. As Time travelling Russian Shepdoog your single purpose is to heard sheep from all over space and time!


Use your skills to keep your sheep alive and out of harm from deadly and hindering hazards that riddle the farmlands and wilderness, such as: Landmines, bear traps, wolves, black holes and many other crazy things. Choose from a range of Dogs that have their own abilities that vary. Large dogs being strong and able to physically carry sheep around and tiny, tiny dogs that are able to move under fences and various traps entirely.

Work with a friend to ensure The Shepdoog can travel back to Mother Russia with a great many sheep!


Where’s Shepdoog Updates?


  Shepdoog is currently on holiday travelling around, gaining some worldly experience, hopefully some holiday photos will be uploaded from time to time!
Shepdoog will return when Shepdoog is ready!



  1. I was at PAX the 30th of October (saterday) with some friends and when I saw this game I thought it would be boring but then when I started playing it, it turned out to be really fun and I can’t wait till it comes out.

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